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3 Aug

Yah its sunk in. I actually had some before well kind of after well new beginning pics taken today. Pics of my body coming back 40lbs lighter than were I started in January. What I found when viewing the pictures were I dawned my sports bra and  boy shorts was that YUP… I’m still fat.

I have no clue how I let it get this far how I thought that I looked ok..well reality has set in and I let myself go. Go so far that even with a 40lb weight-loss I’m still fat.

This journey is far from over..its just beginning.

I’m putting together my newly purchased elliptical tomorrow and I’ll document that process here. I’d love to burn 1,000 calories a day on this new elliptical. That will be my August goal!

See you tomorrow. I may post these before pics one day but I’m currently too ashamed to let them leave my memory card.