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Avoiding the scale..

30 Nov

Avoidance is not even the word. I’ve basically skipped it for the last two weeks. I’ve also been going out more the last two weeks. More time at the bar and less time in the gym

I get home from the bar and I’m immediately paranoid about if I have gained weight. Its funny when you start counting calories and actually get a running tabulation in your head like a stream of consciousness .. I had a chobani pineapple, an apple, 4oz of chicken breast, a 200 cal salad and 3 vodka gimlets w/ fresh lime juice not rose’s..where does that put me hmmm I think I can have one of these chicken wings. Its a lot of effort but for me its well worth it.
I’ve had my fun with going out though I think my body has officially told me that I’ve had my fun but the time has come to go back to the gym and homebody lifestyle. I think I agree w/ my body as I sit here in the Urgent Care waiting for my strep throat culture to come back … Yup.. Partying is over .. Well after my birthday next week that is.. Jolie
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I’ve been MIA

31 Aug

I swear as soon as I say I’m going to turn a page LIFE smacks me straight in the face. I’ve been sick. Now I’m better and back on track.

Actually I think exercise helped. The elliptical was actually put together and go figure I actually got on it and used it. I documented my after glow and all of my food for the day.

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Then I went on vacation to visit family and I thought I would fall off the wagon of food but it was actually to darn hot to even eat in San Antonio. I did however document my trip with my mom which was tons of fun.

I still havent started to LOVE exercise. Like CRAVE IT .. have to do it! I also havent been eating all the veggies I should.

I’m not sure how I lost my way but I need to get a hold of myself soon. I’m not gaining weight but I’m also not losing and maintaining is not the point right now.

My high school reunion is in October. I just want to go back looking good not looking like I let myself go .. My motivation is meh.. I cant even finish this post the way I want to ..

Bear with me folks..