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Avoiding the scale..

30 Nov

Avoidance is not even the word. I’ve basically skipped it for the last two weeks. I’ve also been going out more the last two weeks. More time at the bar and less time in the gym

I get home from the bar and I’m immediately paranoid about if I have gained weight. Its funny when you start counting calories and actually get a running tabulation in your head like a stream of consciousness .. I had a chobani pineapple, an apple, 4oz of chicken breast, a 200 cal salad and 3 vodka gimlets w/ fresh lime juice not rose’s..where does that put me hmmm I think I can have one of these chicken wings. Its a lot of effort but for me its well worth it.
I’ve had my fun with going out though I think my body has officially told me that I’ve had my fun but the time has come to go back to the gym and homebody lifestyle. I think I agree w/ my body as I sit here in the Urgent Care waiting for my strep throat culture to come back … Yup.. Partying is over .. Well after my birthday next week that is.. Jolie
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And I’m back. Lets catch up a little.. shall we.

29 Nov

I’m not sure why i disappeared. Honestly, when I started the blog anew an dedicated myself to “sweating my hair out” I had a lot going on. Not really  with me but with someone that I really cared about. They were going through trial and tribulations and somehow I ended up caring the weight and burden of their troubles.

I think a lot of times people who struggle with their weight or struggle with trying to gain control of a portion of their life go through this as well. Where they concentrate on someone else or something else to run away from whats really important. In my case the most important person should be MYSELF. I lost focus. I didn’t gain weight but I wasn’t losing weight either. I was eating above the calories I set for myself and I was not moving my body.

So one day I just snapped out of it. I would say it was around the beginning of October.  Since the beginning of October I have knocked off weight consistently every week. I’m officially down 50lbs for the year since I started this journey in January.

My journey has not been a diet. It has been a total lifestyle change. Instead of drinking juice all the time. I eat fruit and only drink water. Instead of saying I am going to totally cut out this and that and this I just decided that I was going to have 2 dairy products a day and at least 3-4 veggies/fruit. I still met up with friends and had the occasinoal drink or 4 but I just made sure to stay under my caloric intake.

Overall, I am happy with myself. I did not lose the big 70 lbs I predicted for this year. I still have a long way to go. I still do NOT like to exercise. BUT I am still trying. Thats more than I have done for myself in a long time.

It feels great to be noticed again. It feels great to fit old clothes again. It actually even feels great to blog again..

I am making a promise to myself to come back here more often. I’m making a promise to myself to move my body everyday. I am making a promise to be there for myself more than I am to others.. which is hard because I’m a giver.. but its necessary for ME.

Update pics below!: